Bangkok Townhouse II Master Suite


Here’s a question:
You’re a young, single entrepreneur, trying to make it in a frantic city; You just renovated the lower two floors of your townhouse into an oasis of calm, modern simplicity; But, the third floor Master Suite is completely unfinished, AND you just got engaged!…Now what do you do?

Well, first we suggest asking your fiance what she wants. Then, call us in to finish the job!

After transforming the Living, Dining, Kitchen and Bedroom for this client, he then asked us to renovate the entire third floor into a Master Bedroom Suite that could accommodate two very busy schedules. With her career in the airline industry, and his often requiring long-haul business travel, they not only needed ample storage for suitcases and carry-on luggage, but they also required discreet areas where one of them could either pack, shower, dress, and leave, or simply lounge, read a book or catch up on the news after a long trip, without waking the other one. Oh, and they wanted a flowing, open floor plan without adding any interior walls!

Our solution involved a combination of screens and sliding doors to reduce noise and light transmission, while maintaining a level of openness. We transformed a covered terrace into a large dressing room with tons of storage, counters and hanging space; a television; and even had room for an easy-chair to just relax or take a nap. We also reconfigured the small Bathroom sink area to create an elongated counter and medicine cabinet, and we filled in an odd, narrow niche with a make-up desk for her.

Now, one another question…what  if you forget to ask her what she wants in the Master Suite?

Well, maybe you could just say, ‘Oh honey, I thought you should tell the Architect everything you wanted, just in case I forget something.’

No problem for us!..We can design a doghouse for you too!





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