HGTV: Turtle Bay Loft Conversion

01/10/2016, by rod, in Press, 0 comments

Turtle Bay Loft Conversion featured on HGTV’s Small Space Big Style

In the link above Richard Lucas explains the features and design concepts behind the Turtle Bay Loft Conversion project.

HGTV provided the following summary on their Small Space, Big Style website:

Modern Mini-Loft

Architect Richard Lucas used steel and aluminum to create a modern, minimalist look with a high-tech feel. The walls were replaced with a series of aluminum Venetian blinds hung from steel columns and aluminum I-beams. When open the blinds look like a sheer curtain. Blinds under the stairs conceal more storage for everything from a wine collection to extra chairs for parties.

Lucas took advantage of a long entry hall by lining one side with bookcases that are set on casters. He can move them when needing extra space for moving larger objects into the apartment. The bottom cubbies hold storage and shoes slip underneath when taken off on the way in. The Japanese prints on the other side of the hallway draw the eye all the way through and into the living space.